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TMT Bars
TMT Bars are the indispensable demands of the construction industry. These are processed with a specific metallurgical process and stay in heavy demand due to their mechanical strength and durability. 
Galvanized Iron Pipes
Provided high-quality Galvanized Iron Pipes are the suited for outdoor and indoor applications. These are accessible with anti-rusting components and ensure effective usages in the marine applications as well. 
Mild Steel Rod and Bar
The Mild Steel Rod and Bars have plain surface and availability in different diameters and lengths. Round and square shapes are available for enabling the versatility in use. 
Metal Roofing Sheet
The Metal Roofing Sheets are suited for making patios, pathways, roof cladding, sunrooms etc. These are functional as the durable roofing panels, provided with protective finish that make them resistant to harmful UV rays. 
Mild Steel Plate
The Mild Steel Plates are suitable for flanging & forming and producing general structural components and boilers. These are also suited for making pressure vessels, ship building, industrial flooring and construction plates.
Mild Steel Welded Mesh
The Mild Steel Welded Mesh allows for simple weld ability and thus is apt for various welding applications. We provide them in various configurations. This is a right choice as it has high tensile as well as yield strengths. 
The Mild Steel Flats are suited for automobile as well as truck bodies. These find suitability in the airplane fuselages, roofs, architectural buildings and others. The flats are resistant to rusting and corrosion. 
The Mild Steel Beams are mainly demanded for structural steel construction industry. They are often utilized as the critical support trusses and ensure the structure's integrity with persistent support and durability. 
The Mild Steel Angles are rot-proof, abrasion resistant and corrosion proof angles, available at affordable prices. These cannot be easily rusted or distorted. The corrosion-proof angles have dimensional stability. 
The Finolex Cables are suited for various manufacturing processes. These are resistant to pest and rust. Their energy efficient technologies enable a significant reduction in the electric bills. 

Our main business states are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Telangana.